Legal Services

Personal injury law To be frank, the court system has not caught up with the exploding U.S. population. As a result, there’s an increased danger of being overlooked and having your rights ignored in order to keep things flowing. The system can’t keep up. It has become, now more than ever, an environment where only the most fit will survive. You need someone to stand up for you and say, “We’re here, and we’re not leaving until we get what we want".

Criminal law There is no time when you need a lawyer more than when you’re facing criminal charges. Yet ironically, both the self-proclaimed innocent and guilty often ask the same question: why do I need a lawyer if I’m innocent/guilty? If you’re innocent, I say to you that there are far too many innocent people in jail. If you’re guilty, there are far too many people serving too much prison time for crimes to which they pled or were found guilty, all because they had inadequate defense. Whether you’re innocent or guilty, I offer the following free advice: never, ever make a statement to the police, and never, ever plead guilty to anything, unless you are standing next to a competent attorney telling you to do so.

Traffic law This is an area where it is clearly not as important to have counsel, though it is one of the “best buys” on earth right now. For $200.00 you can retain me, resulting in your never having to go to court, and a vastly increased probability that you will not receive any points on your license (which can cost you thousands). Sound worth it?